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Playing phone casino seems to be the choice for many players nowadays when it comes to casino games online. It’s a simple, easy and comfortable way of playing online casino, so we understand why more and more players are choosing to play casino in mobile devices. On this page, we give you more information about mobile casinos, their offers and much more.

This page will also show you welcome offers and campaigns that are optimized for your phone and tablet. This way, you can enjoy the best offers directly from different UK phone casinos.

phone casino tabletPhone casinos explained

A lot has happened with the technology lately and we can now do things we never thought would be possible on our mobile devices. You can now days play many different games such as live casino, slots and table games on your mobile. The fact that you can play the casino on your mobile is what would define a phone casino. If you are able to play via phone and tablet, it is a phone casino. However, most of both new and old casinos offer optimized phone sites these days. This whole process works in different ways however as you can see below:

  • First, off the game developers make sure their games are compatible with mobile devices.
  • The games are then delivered to gambling sites who need to optimize their casino site for mobile usage.
  • You as a customer then needs to create an account there and then play via your mobile.

You are then able to play both via your mobile browser as well as in apps. Some casino sites do develop casino apps that you can download and then play via. This is very convenient and is highly recommended if you plan on playing a lot on the same site.

Benefits with phone casinos

Here we will be mentioning what benefits you have on a phone casino. There will always be some good and bad things just as with everything else there is around us. People also have different opinions, but this is something that we believe is beneficiary:

  • You can get special offers that’s only accessible from a phone or tablet.
  • You’re able to play wherever you may be in the world as long as you have internet access.
  • Some sites have apps available which makes it easier to log in and play much quicker.
  • More people now days rather have a smartphone or tablet than a PC. That means that you don’t have to force yourself to buy something you might not necessarily need.

Then there are of course some things that are not as positive. Things like the fact that you have more games on the desktop version. Although the mobile casinos are catching up as more and more games are being offered to your phone.

Play both in mobile and tablet

When it comes to a phone casino then you might think that it’s only possible to play it with a smartphone. Well, this is not completely true as a tablet would work the same way a mobile does. When you enter a casino site with your tablet, it will give you a mobile version as well. The main difference is that your screen is bigger. On the tablet, you might also get expanded menus on some sites since the screen is quite big. A mobile casino is also available for both Android and iOS devices. If you have a Windows phone you might have more issues with some games, but the sites, in general, would work well. The reason why it works so well is that most sites uses a HTML5 format.

With that format, the site will adapt accordingly to the device window that opens the site. Before when this wasn’t available, casinos sites needed to create actual mobile sites, which was why we saw a lot of “” for example in the past. The “m” in that URL then stands for mobile as on a mobile website.

Play in apps

When you are playing in a mobile casino, you can also find mobile apps to download. That means that you can play casino in apps. In general, these are available for both Android and iOS phones. With apps, you will also have some nice login features, depending on where you play. Some apps might then support login with fingerprint or face recognition which makes the whole login process much easier. You can, therefore, login and start playing with only 2 clicks so it simplifies things for sure.

What games can you play?

The development has gone forward in a fast paste the past few years. In the beginning, it was only a few slots that you could play in a mobile casino. As the demand grew, so did the selection of games. Some of the game developers make all their games available via both mobile and tablet while others make at least most of them available. When it comes to the older game developers they might have some older games that were never developed for mobile devices. But now that we have the technology, you might wonder what games can you play? Have a look below and you’ll find out.

  • Live casino games – blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and more via webcam with real dealers.
  • Slots – hundreds of slot machines from many different providers.
  • Table Games – different computerized table games.

These are the most common games to play in a phone casino. There are of course other things such as scratch cards, bingo and other games that you can play as well. So you have a wide selection of games no matter if you want to play via your smartphone or tablet.

Play free spins in mobile

Do you love free spins just as much as we do? If you do then this is the section for you if you’re interested in playing these in your mobile. This form of reward or bonus is probably what is the most popular nowadays. Now when the game developers deliver most of their games to mobile devices it has opened up for new things to be offered from the online casinos. What we can see more of recently is that the casino sites offer free spins in new games for example. This will allow you to try the game before you use your own money on it. It’s a nice thing that they do which is much appreciated.

On top of this, you also have some special promotions that will offer you spins that’s only available in the phone casino. This is mainly from campaigns communicated via email or SMS that the sites send out as a CRM (Customer Retention Manager) campaign. It could, for example, offer you 5 freespins in a new game and you will only get them if you open them via your mobile or tablet as it has to be in the mobile casino. So it’s very positive that the mobile channel grows as we constantly see more of these campaigns from different casino sites. So if you want to play free spins on mobile this is definitely possible.

Phone casino with bonuses

Seen as the technology has moved forward rapidly the past few years, we’ve also gotten a lot of new functions in the phone casinos. We can therefore nowadays both register with a mobile casino, activate the bonus and then play with it as well. So if you would prefer to play phone casino with bonuses instead of for example free spins, you could do so without any problems. This is at least true in most cases. Since some sites don’t have a mobile casino still, you wouldn’t be able to use any bonuses on their sites. In a case like that, you’d have to use a PC instead to get and play with that instead.

On this page, we will make sure to list bonuses that’s available in phone casinos just as well via desktop. So all you need to do is to click on the offer that you want. Register an account, then make sure that you activate it and log in. Once this has been achieved, you can activate the bonus and make your deposit. When done you can find the game you wish to play and then start playing.

Focusing on UK casinos

We focus on UK casinos, with a licence that works in phone and tablet. With the correct licences, you will also get better gambling experience. You will be offered the best functions and the most optimized mobile sites. Sometimes if you play on foreign casinos with a different licence than the UKGC licence, they might have as good sites. The service might not be as good either as withdrawals could take longer. This would especially apply if you would win a bigger amount of money. Usually, the online casinos with another licence are not as big and therefore it might take them longer to send you all the money due to their limits.

So this is why we’re focusing on UK casinos, in order to offer you the best gambling experience. So if you want to play the best UK phone casinos, check out the offers in our list above.

The future for phone casinos

So if we’re looking towards the future for phone casinos there is something to look forward to. We can expect a few things in the future. It is a bit hard to know if there would be any game-changing features coming anytime soon, however. The development moves quickly and there are new things popping up every now and then. This as you basically can do anything with your mobile or tablet now, which has then unlocked features for online casinos as well. Let’s have a look below on some things to expect.

  • New mobile casinos to enjoy.
  • More and new welcome offers and on-site promotions.
  • More games to play.
  • Better and more apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Hopefully new features both in games and on the sites.

We do have a few things to look forward to sure. Then the future is a bit uncertain when it comes to new inventions so we just have to wait and see about that. But we will for sure see more mobile users and more focus on phone casinos.

We love phone casino

Love is in the air for phone casinos, or mobile casinos if you will. We love everything that has to do with this form of the casino, no matter whether it’s about casino bonuses, free spins, features or whatever it may be. If you share our passion for this, we’d invite you to check out the offers in the list above. All the casino sites in the list all have a mobile casino for you to enjoy. With that said, we wish you the best of luck with your gambling, no matter where you decide to gamble from.

Greetings, crew