Casino Bonuses In UK

Casino bonuses are a fantastic invention that gives us players more chances to beat online casinos. There are many benefits with playing online casino with casino bonus, and there are also many different bonuses out there for you to grab. On this page, you will find information about everything from no deposit casino bonuses to deposit bonuses.

Here we also list the best casino bonuses for the UK together with extra campaigns, free spins and much more. Everything to make your gambling experience as good as possible. And we also only focus on 100% safe and secure sites, so enjoy the casino games out there.

Casino bonuses explained

casino bonuses ukIn this section, you will get casino bonuses explained to you if you are unsure what it means. A casino bonus can be obtained in welcome offers, on-site promotions, special campaigns and in loyalty programs. It can be given both as a free bonus, which means no deposit is needed to get it. Or as a deposit bonus whereas you’ll get a percentage extra on top of your deposit. A free bonus could essentially let you try a casino before you decide to deposit. A deposit bonus, on the other hand, will increase your chances to win big. This is how you would get a bonus:

  1. Find an offer that suits you and click on it. Once done you need to register an account.
  2. Activate the bonus if needed and go to the deposit page to make your deposit. If a bonus code is needed you need to enter it with your deposit.
  3. Once your deposit is completed, the bonus should activate. Once it’s on your account you can start looking for games to play.

Should you run into any problems along the way you can contact customer support to get assistance. They are there to help you so use them if needed. Also, make sure to read through bonus terms before you start playing with your bonus.

No deposit casino bonus

Something that some casinos can offer is a no deposit casino bonus. Usually, this would be offered to new customers in the welcome package. It’s not all too common however as it’s easily abused, unfortunately. But it’s available and not only in bonus form but also as free spins. We will, however, focus on the bonus part here. A no deposit bonus can then be used to try out the casino without risking your own money. So you then have the chance to try out the casino with a chance to win as well before you decide to deposit. This is compliments from the casino as they are comfortable in their product, meaning they are quite certain that you will want to deposit on their page because they offer a good site and a nice welcome offer.

This is definitely a nice type of casino bonus. It’s also possible to get this if you’re already a customer at a casino site. You can find no deposit bonuses in loyalty programs and special campaigns as well. If you play at a casino with a loyalty program, usually you earn points while playing that you, later on, can exchange for a no deposit bonus for example. So there are for sure ways to get no deposit bonuses for you who are interested in this.

Casino bonuses in UK

There is a lot of focus from gambling sites on casino bonuses in the UK. Since there is such big competition from all other sites it will force the casino sites to constantly improve their offers. That’s why we can find a lot of good bonuses in the UK market these days. It has been going the right way the past couple of years and we can see that it continues to get better. As the UK has its own licence, it means that the gambling sites usually focus solely towards this market in specific instead of giving a “world-wide offer”. The casino bonuses offered are usually tailor-made for the UK market in specific and its customers. All markets differ with what is preferred and this goes for UK as well.

A player from UK would most likely not prefer the same as a customer from Sweden would do. That’s why UK has the advantage with the market-specific bonuses. We only list UK casino bonuses on our page so if you are interested in checking it out, you can do so at the top of this page.

Play with bonus in different devices

With the powerful mobiles and tablets, we have these days, it’s almost possible to do everything that you can do on a PC. That’s why there’s such a high number of players playing casino on mobile devices nowadays. This is why there is a big focus from gambling sites on making their mobile site optimized. It’s important to have a mobile site that supports all functions such as playing with a bonus. Most sites will offer you the option to play via both mobile and tablet, using all different functions. Some might not have such a well developed mobile site and can sometimes lack some important features.

The mobile sites are however getting better and better. Probably one of the reasons for this might be that more sites and products online starts to use the HTML5 format. This format will allow essentially any device to use it. The product will then be adjusted automatically depending on which device that opens it up. This is also something that game developers use for their games these days. All so that you can enjoy playing with bonus in different devices on as many games as possible.

Bonuses from loyalty programs

A lot of focus is on loyalty and VIP programs lately. We can see why as this is a really rewarding thing for customers that makes them feel more appreciated. A loyalty program that gives you points when you’re playing will show how loyal you are. With these points, you can actually buy bonuses. Both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses which is a good thing. Sometimes sites even offer you the possibility to exchange points for cash money, however, this is mainly in VIP programs. These are then the bonuses you can get from loyalty and VIP programs:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • VIP-bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Cash bonuses

So as you can see there’s a lot of bonuses to get, depending on where you play. We can, therefore, recommend that you signup via a gambling site who offers you either a loyalty or VIP program. Remember to check if the winnings have a wagering requirement or not. Some sites actually have loyalty programs where any bonuses, free spins or similar does not require to be wagered. So to get maximum value, you’d want to go for one of those.

What games can you play?

You might be wondering what games you can play with your bonus. That’s something that we’ll cover for you here so that you don’t have to wonder. First off we’d like to mention that all sites are different and that they all have different bonus terms. So to give a 100% correct answer is not really possible, but we can give you a piece of general knowledge. With that said, it’s very important that you read through the terms and conditions for the bonus you wish to use. In terms, it will say exactly which games you can and cannot play. There are some games that are generally blocked to play with bonuses. The reason behind this is that you can delay bonus rounds in the game and then play it when you don’t have the bonus anymore so it’s considered as cheating.

That’s why you need to look under “excluded/blocked games” to see which games you cannot play. Something else that’s good to know is that table games and live casino games can contribute different percentages towards the wagering. The same goes for video poker. However, a rule of thumb you can have is that most slots is possible to play and they contribute 100%.

Benefits with casino bonuses

There are a few benefits of playing with a casino bonus instead of without one. If there wasn’t then they probably wouldn’t exist. So let’s go through these benefits here below so that you’ll get more knowledge of why you should play with a bonus instead of without.

  • With a bonus, you will have more money in total to play with. This also means that you can increase your stake in order to win more when you do win.
  • You can get no deposit bonuses. These will then allow you to gamble for free with a chance of winning real money.
  • You can increase your chances of winning while playing with a casino bonus.
  • Extra money means that you will have more play-time and you, therefore, get better gaming experience.

So there are definitely benefits with casino bonuses if you use them the right way. Then it’s also up to one another to decide whether you feel it’s worth it or not. Some people simply don’t like to play with bonuses and that’s understandable, everyone can think differently about these things.

Casino bonus wagering requirement

When you’re playing with a casino bonus there’s usually a wagering requirement attached to it. There are also bonuses that have no wagering attached and that means you could withdraw the money right away essentially. However, if your bonus has a wagering requirement you’d need to fulfil this before you could withdraw. In order to find out the wagering for a bonus, you would need to have a look in the bonus terms. This is important to do before you use a bonus so you won’t get any unwanted surprises. A wagering requirement means that you have to wager (bet) a certain amount. Some people think that you have to win this amount but that’s not how it works so let’s take an example here below.

Example: You deposit £50 and you get £50 in bonus. The bonus has a wagering requirement of 35 x the bonus amount only which is quite average. This means that you have to bet a total of £1,750 before the wagering disappears. If you bet £2 on one spin, you have also wagered this amount and would then have £1,748 left to wager.

Hopefully, this has made you more aware of what applies in terms of wagering. Your job is then to make sure to read the terms and conditions for the bonuses so you know how much you need to wager for the bonus you’re about to take.

Bonus tips from

If you are reading this then we guess that you’re not yet an expert on casino bonuses. But we’re here to help out and give you some bonus tips. This will help you out with bonuses, how to the most value out of them and whatever you may need. So have a look below to see our tips to you.

  • Register on several casino sites that offers you casino bonuses. The welcome bonuses are usually the most lucrative ones and will reward you the best.
  • Before you use any bonus, make sure to read through the bonus terms. It’s always good to know what terms apply for the bonus before you start playing with it.
  • When playing with a deposit bonus, increase the stake. With a higher stake, you will also win more when you get the really nice wins.
  • Play on a casino site with a loyalty program. If you then play a lot, you can exchange points for a deposit or no deposit bonuses.
  • Keep an eye out for promotions on-site and in your email & SMS inbox. Many sites promote weekly bonuses on their promotions page. They also work with CRM teams so make sure to accept marketing emails and SMS’s from the site not to miss out on any bonuses.

Hopefully, you find these tips useful so that they will help you with your casino grind.

The future for casino bonuses

Let’s then have a look at how the future looks like for casino bonuses. If we look at the recent development we can see that there are more and better bonuses popping up here and there. It’s both welcome bonuses and normal on-site promotions that are constantly improved. A reason for this is the competition that there is nowadays on the online casino market. Seen as UK is a very big market, there are also lots of different casino sites who want to operate there. In order to offer something that customers want, they increase their bonuses. Seen as we get new casinos in a steady flow, we will also get more welcome bonuses and loyalty program. With new loyalty programs, we get an increased amount of bonuses to get from there as well.

So from the looks of all of this, the future does indeed look very bright. Going forward we can expect even better and higher bonuses. Something else to expect more of in the future is the free bonuses, meaning no deposit bonus. The reason behind that is that we can see this getting more and more popular from the casino sites side. So for us who loves bonuses, we have a lot to look forward too.

Play responsible with bonuses

When you’re gambling online it is very important to be gamble aware. Playing responsibly is an important part for many of the casino sites out there and many works very hard with this. Some sites have big teams who ensure that everyone is enjoying it on their site, instead of chasing losses or considering gambling as an income. Since the bonus gives you extra money, it can increase the temptation to gamble harder. Therefore you need to play carefully so think about this while playing:

  • Don’t consider gambling as a form of income. It’s mainly for entertainment purposes where you have a chance to win.
  • Set a monthly budget of what you can afford to lose. It doesn’t mean that you have to lose this amount, but if you would reach the limit you’d stop and then play again the following month.
  • Be aware that playing with bonuses can feel like you’re not playing with real money. Remember that it is real money you’re playing with so be aware of this.
  • Utilize help tools on the site you’re playing on if you feel that you can’t control your gambling.

If you feel that you have any questions or you might be gambling too much, take a test online or contact the customer support at the site where you’re playing.

We love casino bonuses

This page has been containing information about casino bonuses which we love. If you do as well, we’d recommend that you check out the offers in our list above. There you can find some of the best UK casino bonuses on the market. Hopefully, the tips and information we have given you here will help you out along your casino journey. We hope that you manage to get some nice wins with casino bonuses so best of luck with your gambling.

Greetings, crew