New Online Casinos in UK

Welcome to the page focusing on new online casinos in UK. The industry around online casino is very popular and we’re here to help you find the best sites out there. On this page, you can, therefore, find all information about new casinos on the UK market.

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Benefits with new online casinos

There is actually a lot of benefits with new online casinos compared to older established casinos. Many people might not be aware of these and that’s why we will list these here below. So if you want to know what all the fuss is about, have a look here.

New online casinos uk

  • You get to renew your interest in a way as you try something new. A new look and feel with new features are always nice.
  • New offers to use, both in the welcome package and on-site.
  • A new and unique loyalty program.
  • Generous offers on-site as they usually invest a lot in the beginning to get customers.
  • Optimized mobile sites, especially if the site is on a well-established platform.

These are some of all benefits that you have with new online casinos. Then there are of course some things that might be less positive. There will always be some negative things, especially as everyone has different opinions. However, if the site is legit and seems good, we can recommend that you try it out because of the reasons above.

New casinos focus areas

When a new online casino in UK starts up then they can’t be focusing on everything. Therefore there are some focus areas for them in order for them to get somewhat established. This is what we’ll cover in this section of this page. To begin with, they would need a good layout and feel to their site. This might also include some new and innovative features like new filtering systems on the casino page. That will then help to keep the customers once they’ve gotten them to register. In order to get customers to signup they then need a good welcome offer. So a lot of money is invested in finding a great offer for their new customers so they are well rewarded, either as a no deposit bonus or high deposit bonuses.

Another focus is that they have is payments. Payments have become something very important when gambling online. Both to make sure you get your deposits instantly, but also that the withdrawals are fast and easy to make. Therefore new online casinos in UK focuses a lot on this. A lot is invested in a great payments team who will approve your withdrawals quickly. The last but not the least of the focus areas would then be the game selection. It’s important to offer lots of games from various game providers to their new customers. This so that old and experienced player should be able to play their favourites. So that’s four of the new online casinos focus areas.

Game selection

Something that new online casinos in UK have a big focus on is the game selection. Since there are so many game developers these days then there are all possibilities to offer a wide selection of games. You have game providers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Thunderkick and many more to enjoy. New online casinos want to offer as many of these game providers as possible. This will then make their selection of games much better. The reasoning behind this would be to compete with other bigger sites, as well as offer new customers their favourite games so they’ll feel at home.

Most of the games offered on new casinos will also be available in all devices. So if you want to play in your mobile or tablet this is also possible. You can, therefore, find a wide game selection on the mobile site as well as the desktop version. Something that you can do is to use the search function to make sure that a new site has your favourite games. This as it can be difficult sometimes to know exactly which games they offer.

New casinos in mobile & tablet

You might think that new casinos in mobile & tablet aren’t available but you’d be wrong. Nowadays there is such a big focus towards mobile devices that it’s basically impossible not to have a mobile site. That’s why new online casinos develop a mobile site as well as a desktop version. There might be some functions that are not possible to use in the beginning. That depends on how much they’ve rushed the launch of the casino, however. Something else worth noting is that all games might not be available on mobile. This is because all game developers still haven’t developed mobile versions of all games. Some older games are still run by Flashplayer and a separate mobile version has to be developed.

With the new format that the games are developed with, HTML5 format, then all games will be available. But it will take some time before this is fully implemented in all games. However, in general, the new online casinos in UK deliver a good mobile site. Especially is they are located on a white label platform such as MT SecureTrade Limited. So you can play anywhere you are on these new casinos without any bigger problems.

Offers and campaigns on new casinos

When it comes to offers and campaigns on new online casinos then it’s something that’s quite a big thing. That’s because this is what will really get new customers to the site. A new customer will not notice the layout, the selection of games or whatever is the most important for the individual. They will see the offers first. Because of this, the new casino sites invest a lot in this. So with most new casinos, you can, therefore, get really nice welcome bonuses and spins. Add to this as well that they usually have on-site campaigns as well on top of the welcome offer. This can then be daily or weekly campaigns that can be reoccurring.

Bonus on new online casinos

Bonuses are something that can either give you the option to try a casino for free or boost your deposit with a percentage on it directly from the casino. So if a new online casino would offer you a free bonus, you get to try the site for free. You then don’t have to deposit which is positive. On the other hand, there are also deposit bonuses that will give you more money in total to play with. This will make your gaming experience last longer and you have a better chance to win big.

Free spins on new casinos

Free spins on new casinos online are very popular. This is a really nice and easy way for a new casino to give new players a reward for choosing them. That’s why we usually find both deposit and no deposit free spins here. The no deposit free spins will then let you try out the casino and its functions without depositing. While the deposit spins will give you a great reward on your first deposit(s). For the best value, you should use both offers if it’s available.

New loyalty programs

With new online casinos, there will also be new loyalty programs. So what is a loyalty program you might ask and well, it’s a program that is implemented on the casino site that will reward you for your loyalty in short. It can be that you get points for playing that can be exchanged for free spins or bonuses. It can also be VIP-programs where you gain a certain level there and will be awarded accordingly. There are a few different ways these loyalty programs work.

In order for new casinos to really make an impact on the casino market, they need to offer something extra. That’s why they offer a loyalty program that’s meant to keep customers playing on their site. In order not to seem too similar to other sites, they usually bring us new ideas and features. An example of this is Highroller casino where you get to steal coins from inactive customers. This is something that they are alone with and it’s a unique feature like this that would differentiate them from the others. So if you only play at sites with a loyalty program you should have no problems finding a new casino with this as well.

New online casino reviews

When it comes to new casinos, it can sometimes be difficult to know how legit it is. That is if it’s not created by a bigger brand cause in those instances you would know already from the beginning. But because it can be difficult to know, people make reviews of new casinos online. A review about a casino will then most often contain reviews of the welcome offer, payments, game selection, pros and cons, availability in different devices, loyalty program etc. This is so that you can get all the information about the site before you decide to register. It means that whoever makes the review will go the distance for you so that you don’t have to figure it out all on your own.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to look for information. This understandable as the site will be new and might not be very familiar. So it’s good to let someone else do the hard work so that you get an easier time choosing the right casino for you. This is then the reason why reviews of new casinos exist.

New or old casinos?

In this section, we will take a look at which is the best, new or old casinos? If you wonder this for yourself you should have a look below. We will go through what we think are the benefits of both kinds of casinos. Then, in the end, it’s really up to yourself to decide on what you prefer. But this might help you to make that decision so have a look.

Benefits new casinos:

  • It’s a new experience and it might reignite a spark within you so that online casinos feel fresh again.
  • You get a new welcome offer and other campaigns.
  • You find new loyalty programs with usually new and unique features.
  • Special on-site promotions which are usually quite generous.

Benefits old casinos:

  • You know they are well established and stable as they’ve been around for longer. With a new casino, you won’t know if it will work out.
  • Usually a bigger selection of games.
  • Bigger tournaments with bigger prizes.
  • Customer support usually available longer hours and in more languages.

All of this can, of course, vary depending on which sites you compare. However, these are some of the benefits with them both. We’ve now given you the tools, the rest is then up to you.

Play responsibly

Responsible gambling is very important when you’re gambling online. We all want to have a good time when gambling and this is what you need to stick to. If it’s not fun to play anymore, you should stop and consider getting help. New online casinos in UK are very good at this, just as older casinos. Responsible gaming is a big part of the UKGC license so it’s a must for sites with this license. Something to be aware of is that other licenses might not have the same strict rules so know your own limits if you decide to play elsewhere. When you signup with a new site, make sure they have gambling limits and a self-exclusion option.

If you don’t like to set a limit on your account, you can instead set your “own limit”. Just count on how much you can afford to lose over the course of one month, and if you reach that limit, wait to gamble until next month and repeat. It’s very important to remember not to chase your losses.


On this page, you have been able to read up on new online casinos in UK and everything around them. There has been information about bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs and much more. We have given you the benefits with both old and new casinos in UK so now the choice is in your hands. Should you be interested in signing up with a new casino, check out our offers at the top of the page in our list over offers. If you are interested in knowing more about casinos, you can visit our online casino page for more information. We’d like to wish you the best of luck with the gambling no matter where you decide to play.

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